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A Boulder In My Path

Since I started this journal in October 2010, I have devoted myself to the act of moving forward, away from the past. I have been doing well, until a boulder appeared in my path.

Here is a constant reminder of what I have wanted to leave and forget. Now, I have to face it daily.

I find that in every obstacle, there is a way to get through it. I visualize inching my way on the side. I might get scratched, hurt a little in the process, but I will, bit by bit, get pass the boulder.

And continue on my clear path once again.


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Have You Done Something with Complete Abandon?

What have you done without utterly thinking, no logic, no analysis, no thinking of what people might say, think or feel about you, or better yet, without YOUR judgement on yourself.

 N o thinking if it’s right or wrong,  no editing yourself.  Just pure emotion, gut feel, in the moment.  Wild abandon.

Mine?  The usual —  love,  dancing like nobody’s watching, getting my tattoo, quitting a job and going sabbatical for a year, just for the heck of it.  I spent half a year in Los Angeles doing absolutely nothing. It was heaven.  I drove to the beach, to friends’ house, to the mall —  all with a google map, and without a license.  Just thought my being a tourist would be valid enough.

 I even drove 45 minutes to Disneyland to spend the entire day there.  I would spend my days driving my nephew and niece to their soccer practice or piano lessons.  Or I’d walk to the nearby park, lay a blanket under a tree, read a book, have a little something to eat, and take a nap!  It was so different from my life in Manila.  It was so simple. No fuss, no stress.

Have you thrown caution to the wind? What did you just throw yourself in irrationally?


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Lessons Along The Way

Based on my own experiences:

1. 3 things that I can never get back:  time, words and opportunities. 

 I spend my time wisely choosing to do something productive & positive.  Words can make or break a relationship.  Opportunities — this one I am still in the process of learning.  Something to do with being in a comfort zone.

2. Karma does happen.

3. Follow your instinct.

4. Trust that you are where you’re supposed to be.  Just be, dont sway to a different direction.  Don’t fight it.

5.  What you truly, deeply desire in your heart and soul, you will get.

6. Happiness creates success.


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