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Why I Love Staycations


The Philippines observes Holy Week for 3 days in April. This is the time when Filipinos flock to summer destinations outside the Metro for some r&r. Some 3 years ago I realized that going on holiday during this time is s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l.  Airports are packed, the roads are jammed, there are people everywhere.

This is when I discovered that Metro Manila is the perfect place to stay during Holy Week because it’s practically a ghost town. There are some establishments that remain open during these days, those catering to expats, usually bars and restaurants. The roads in the metro are empty, the sort which you only day-dream about when you are stuck in a 8am traffic on a Monday morning.

So when Holy Week comes I go on a staycation. I turn my stay at home into a vacation. How?

I make sure I have the kitchen stocked with food I’d like to eat, take time to prepare it like how a fancy hotel or resort would, have a good book, my stash of magazines, and Oprah in its final season.

I woke up the first day of my staycation to a nice, warm, wholewheat pancake topped with large fresh strawberries, more fresh fruits, yogurt, and the perfect cup of strong black coffee.

I had a plate of 4 varieties of cheese with wheat crackers as mid-morning snack. Then I baked salmon for lunch with grilled asparagus, zucchini and capsicum.

I finished my weeks-old store-bought baked nachos with salsa I made from scratch in the mid-afternoon.

Went to the gym around 5 for my kick-boxing class, followed by a 30-min run around Bonifacio Global City.

I’d say I’ve never been more relaxed. I’m thankful that I have a peaceful home to re-charge in.

I’m going to end this now here, I still have a bottle of champagne to enjoy!


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Creating New Memories

 I ushered in the New Year in what most people say is one of the best beaches in the world — our very own Boracay island.  

The island was festive, people greeted and smiled at each other as if they’ve been friends for a lifetime. It felt like everybody knew everybody, which I loved. People danced on the beach like there was no tomorrow.

I always choose to get out of Manila during New Year’s. I don’t like those loud firecrackers that sound like a bomb just exploded, not to mention the pollution it brings. You literally end up with soot on your face.

We had 5 fun-filled days on the island. Inspite the occasional drizzle, it was a memorable beginning of the new year.

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My Favorite City

Sydney has got to be on top of my list.  It has something for everyone – whether you’re into the beach, mountains, arts, food – you’ll find it in Sydney.

I like New York’s busy and fast life, Monte Carlo’s quaint cobblestone streets, Zurich’s luxurious surroundings, Hong Kong’s culinary adventures, Paris’ romantic charm but nothing beats Sydney for me. Christmas is in the summertime,  with men dressed as Santa Claus on the beaches – It’s so different from everybody else.  And the spectacular New Year’s eve by the Harbor Bridge is THE way to usher in the new year.

Sydney is vibrant yet laid back.  There’s so many things to do, yet you don’t feel rushed or hurried, to do everything all at the same time.

It’s modern yet the streets are lined with buildings and establishments done in old European architecture.

The next time you feel like exploring a new place, I highly recommend Sydney.  That’s if you are not too far away from its region.

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