Living On My Own

I have been living alone now for a week, only with a dog and 4 fishes. The pets are my Dad’s but as the lone caretaker of the house, they come as my responsibility.

It’s a lot of work specially with a dog – cleaning up and feeding him.  But I can’t put him up for adoption, no matter how much extra chore it gives me.  He’s been with us for 7-8 years I think. So he’s old and he’s my buddy now at home.

As for the fish… they’re easy, although I’m not a fish person, I just can’t have a huge empty aquarium in the house!

Cooking is such a delight.  I steam fillets of fish and some veggies, and I’m all set for my meal.  I have a big bowl of salad in the fridge that’s good for 3-4 days and I just get from the lot every meal time.

I like that I’m up on my feet doing chores instead of being a couch potato, which I was when I had household help.  I feel much productive and healthier, knowing that I am more active.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel any stress when I’m home even with the thought of cleaning up or preparing my meal or having to clean up after the dog.  I’ve literally gone out of my comfort zone.


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